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Tamagotchi Honto no Hanashi

-this page is currently being rewritten!! sorry for any sudden shifts in the writing ;^_^-

Picture Year Number of episodes Run time Availability
July 12, 1997
9 minutes! fully available on youtube!

Tamagotchi Honto no Hanashi along with Anime TV de Hakken were some of the first ever animated things produced for the series! Honto no hanashi was shown at the 1997 Toei Animation Summer Film Festival along with various other films that were worked on by them, Honto no Hanashi isn't very long but captures the energy of the series great!! It follows along with the usual tamagotchi animated trend of the vintage era where most of the characters dont really talk much except for sounds, however there are quite a few exceptions in this one! Professor Banzo, Mikachu, Oyajitchi and Tamagotchi Planet speak in this film!! It's pretty usual for Banzo and Mikachu to be speaking in tamagotchi media (still always a joy to see them!) so is Oyajitchi but Tamagotchi Planet is a bit of a surprise, even in the later series it's rare for them to get spoken dialogue! A big charm of the movie is it's style and animation, which are both great! It's got a bright and fun color palette and all the characters are super expressive! The animation for the Tamagotchis is usually not super detailed but is in any way delightful!

Honto no Hanashi follows the main Tamagotchi plotline of the time, having to evacuate a now drunk Tamagotchi Planet and crashing to Earth. I think the plotline was explained in text before this film but this is the best way to see it all play out in action! It also spends some time just on Tamagotchi planet, letting you get familar with the characters and where they live! Since the movie released in around summer 1997, the main P1 and P2 cast are present but theres a couple of surprise apperances! Kabutotchi, Kujiratchi and Chestnut Angel all make small apperances despite their debut v-pet's not being released yet! It's a fun example of how much they were already planning ahead for the series. Voice acting can be seen as a sort of smaller aspect of Tamagotchi productions of the era since a lot of it doesn't really have dialogue but I like to think about and highlight it! This

like a lot of tamagotchi media, this movie wasn't available on the internet for a long while!! there used to be an upload on niconico of the vhs that contained the movie along with the first 9 episodes of anime tv de hakken! however its long been taken down... however! a while ago (around 2 years) the movie was uploaded to youtube! it's in black and white due to regional vhs encoding problems but its still viewable and is great! one last thing i wanna mention about the movie is the soundtrack! the background music you hear throughout is really good and very enjoyable, but a huge personal favorite is the ending credits song!! it's one of my favorite tamagotchi vocal songs its SO much fun to listen to... its super upbeat and really good!! a slightly extended version of it was released sepreately so if you wanna hear it, check it out! also when it starts playing in the movie, kusatchi sings the opening line of it with i think might be one of the most detailed and smooth animated moments in tamagotchi... its a bit strange at first but!!! its so well made.. anyway, thats all i have to say about honto no hanashi! its a great movie and very very enjoyable... id love to see what it wouldve been like if a full vintage tamagotchi movie existed, but this short movie is enjoyable despite how short it is! until next time!