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Welcome to Tamagotchi Land!

Latest comic! (April 3rd)

First panel, zuccitchi stares at a blocky gray computer with a bemused and disinterested expression. Second panel, zuccitchi is playing some sort of multiplayer game as ZUKINHERO3 and a user with the title Angel of darkness baba123 comes up to him. 'whats with tjat outfit haha' they say as his character is bald with rabbit ears and only wearing a white tube top, jeans and big brown boots. Third panel, zuccitchi's character turns to face them as they're already leaving and a level 1 slime has appeared. the bottom part of the comic is the chat bar which zuccitchi has typed growling and biting sound effects in to

comic archive!

tamagotchi land is a tamagotchi fan website that does it's best to document and share interesting pieces of tamagotchi history!

if you wanna learn about tamagotchi multimedia away from the virtual pets there's plently to see here!

you can navigate through the site by clicking on the buttons at the top which will take you to the respective areas! documentation contains information and about many things tamagotchi, lore contains information about the lore about the tamagotchi series before the reboot, misc is a lot of personal creations just things that didnt fit in other categories and finally, music is just a fun bonus with some tamagotchi midis i have!

also if any information is wrong feel free to tell me and i'll fix it as quickly as i can!

one last thing!! some pages on this website have music! it doesn't autoplay though, so if you wanna hear it you can scroll down to the bottom of some pages and start it up! the sources of the songs are also listed!

have fun!

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