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Welcome to Tamagotchi Land!

thank you all so much for 10,000 views!!!!

tamagotchi land is a tamagotchi fan website that provides documentation on some of the early history of the franchise and more obscure information!

expect to see a lot of stuff about the early multimedia from the series such as the mangas, games and the animated content too!

you can navigate through the site by clicking on the buttons at the top which will take you to the respective areas! documentation contains information and about many things tamagotchi, lore contains information about the lore about the tamagotchi series before the reboot, misc is a lot of stuff like my own personal things and just things that dont fit in the other categories and finally, music is just a fun bonus with some tamagotchi midis i have!

also if any information is wrong feel free to tell me and i'll fix it as quickly as i can!

the sources of the images vary a lot sometimes its just from listings sometimes they're my own but many of them are from the tamagotchi wiki! shout out to the wiki for already archiving a lot of info!

one last thing!! some pages on this website play music! if you dont wanna hear it, feel free to mute the tab! if the music is a bit too loud or you're curious what the song is, the music player will always be at the bottom of the page with the song name and source!

have fun!

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