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maskutchi struggles to balance a stack of papers on his head as he stands next to a filing cabinet


welcome to the comic archive! every once and a while on the front page i make just a fun little tamagotchi comic for viewing! here you can view all of them from whenever..! sometimes the comic might just be! a fun little drawing or a 3 or more panel comic! it really depends but i hope you enjoy them! (the time between when i make these might vary a lot! it mostly just depends on what im in the mood for ^_^;)

1# Feburary 2023 (the first one!)

First panel.'ginjirotchi:hiii mametchi!! i started a news paper! its got all sorts of news in it! even news from earth!!' Second panel.'mametchi:wow really? thats impressive ginjirotchi!' 'ginjirotchi:yep! straight from the most reliable source!! here ya go! enjoy!' Third panel. 'mametchi, interally:oh... the earth news part is all just normal everyday stuff that the professor did...'

2# March 2023 (a famous magic trick, everyone knows it!)

'moguratchi:now for my next magic trick... i'll disapear before your eyes!' they say, in a showoffish pose and standing in a desert. 'moguratchi:3...2...1!' before suddenly tunneling into the ground! 'mahotsukaitchi:...Is that truly a magic trick? I cannot determine the sort of magic used here. You did disapear but I-' 'zatchi, cutting them off:WOW!!!! COOL 'DIRT TRICK'!!!!!!!!!!!!'

3# April 2023 (mametchi's fool...)

first panel! april first, ginjrotchi plays a light hearted prank on mametchi with a monster mask and fun is had! second panel, april 15th, mametchi finds a strange amount of dangerous holes dug, one with spikes in it. last panel, april 30th, maskutchi aims a cannon directly at mametchi with 'april fools!!' printed on the side! maskutchi is having a great time but mametchi sure isn't!! text:'THE INFAMOUS TRIAL OF THE APRIL FOOL'

4# May 2023 (and also maybe june since there wasnt one for that month!)

a small drawing of nyatchi happily walking around, holding a bundle of flowers in her arms. mametchi is walking behind and is tired and overheating, wearing a sunhat and holding a water bottle! the image has a very simple frame around it and a simple sun at the top. text says happy spring!...or summer?

5# July 2023 (important to include kaizokutchi)

first panel, kaizokutchi lounging on a rock in the middle of the sea, as a boat slowly enters frame. second panel, 'Mametchi: Hi Mr Kaizokutchi!' he says as he rows into panel, kaizokutchi still lounging but obscured! Third panel, kaizokutchi has a sort of shocked and bewildered look. 'Kaizokutchi:H-huh? Whuh? Mametchi? I'm like. 10 miles from land. What's he even doing...!'

6# August 2023 (a story begins!)

first panel, 'Oy! Mametchi! What are you doing?' yells kaizokutchi to mametchi, who turns around in the boat to see him. second panel, 'Oh, I'm looking for Ginjirotchi' mametchi says with his hand on the side of the boat and holding his oar. third panel, kaizokutchi: 'Why out in the sea?? What happened?' Mametchi:'Ah... It's a bit of a story...' Kaizokutchi sits on his rock a bit displeased looking as mametchi tries to explain the situation, a sweat drop effect on the side of his face

7# September 2023 (kaizokutchi climbs aboard!)

First panel'Earlier today, I was having fun with Ginjirotchi on the beach when he wanted to show me how far he could swim. I watched for a bit then dozed off, but when I woke up he was a small blue dot in the distance!' recaps mametchi. Second panel 'I was a bit panicked so I rented this boat in a hurry and started off! I am a bit lost though... I haven't found ginjirotchi yet either!' he continues as kaizokutchi looks on, a sort of both displeased and worried look on his face. Third panel, 'OKAY OKAY scoot over im coming with you' says kaizokutchi reluctantly climbing into mametchis boat even though no one made him do this. 'Oh, okay. If you say so.' mametchi simply says

8# December 24th (a prank gone wrong..)

First panel, pumpkin deviltchi spots a sleeping devil mametchi, leaning on his pitchfork. 'Hm? Devil Mametchi's asleep on the job..!' they think. Second panel, 'WAKE UP!!' pumpkin deviltchi yells right at devil mametchi, though hes still asleep! Third panel, 'You're making too much noise.' King deviltchi says, suddenly appearing while wearing a set of pajamas. 'Huh? O-OH!! No no i was just trying to-' pumpkin deviltchi explains a bit panicked. Fourth panel, pumpkin deviltchi is cut off as king deviltchi zaps him. devil mametchi wakes up from this and looks worried and scared despite looking away from the scene

#9 April 3rd (he is banned 10 minutes later)

First panel, zuccitchi stares at a blocky gray computer with a bemused and disinterested expression. Second panel, zuccitchi is playing some sort of multiplayer game as ZUKINHERO3 and a user with the title Angel of darkness baba123 comes up to him. 'whats with tjat outfit haha' they say as his character is bald with rabbit ears and only wearing a white tube top, jeans and big brown boots. Third panel, zuccitchi's character turns to face them as they're already leaving and a level 1 slime has appeared. the bottom part of the comic is the chat bar which zuccitchi has typed growling and biting sound effects in to