an illustrated banner with a white silverly star in the center surrounded by a golden circle frame, the background of the frame a starry dark blue background. many vines with flowers and multiple colored circles stretch out to both sides from the golden circle frame and are symetrical
Nyatchi, a green cat like tamagotchi with simple lines for eyes, happily looking at the screen covered in different colored paints while wearing an apron and holding a paintbrush, sitting on a stool. There is a canvas with a roughly drawn pochitchi, a yellow dog like tamagotchi, drawn on it, a paw print signature in the corner

Art! (and Downloads too!)

Welcome to the Art and Downloads section! This is an area for hosting some of my own personal tamagotchi art as well as hosting some downloads!


Along with the art featured here, I drew a lot of the assets on the site! (including the ones on this page :D!)





welcome to the downloads section! many things here are mainly for website decor but feel free to use them where you please! please do not hotlink the files here and i'd really appreciate some form of credit if used!


tamagotchi themed blinkie that says 'i'm a tamagotchi!'


64x64 icons of some tamas..(currently only p2! more may come later)


A gif of Mametchi, looking slightly embarrased and scratching behind his head, text above him saying 'None yet!'

Song: Mario Artist Paint Studio - Texture paint