A drawing of my Tamagotchi sona. He wears a grey bucket hat styled to look like a ufo with green circles on it. He has a round body with two round feet on the bottom, also having a tail. He is a shade of lime green and has black wings in place of arms! the top part of his face below the hat is shadowed with two small white eyes, there is also a point coming out of the shadow and onto the face, similar to hair. he also has whiskers and has a happy expression

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hiya! welcome to the about section! this is a section just where i talk about who i am and maybe a bit of detail on the website!

A divider made up of slightly pixelated drawn stars, cycling through the colors of the rainbow


hi!! nice to meet ya! my name is gray (you can also call me jingle!) i'm the webmaster and creator of tamagotchi land! i use he/him pronouns! i love to draw pictures and think about video games and a lot of other things! i dont really know what to say about myself but i'm a big tamagotchi fan and have been for a few years! my first ever exposure to the series was not actually the virtual pets, it was through tamagotchi corner shop 2 for the nintendo ds! aside from that for a lot of years i didnt really know much about tamagotchi, i knew it existed and that it was a virtual pet toy but not a lot aside from that! i also knew the gameboy game existed (also vague knowledge of existence of anime tv de hakken?) but it was through a youtube review of it that REALLY didnt talk about it fairly or in detail. then around late 2018-early 2019, i suddenly became really interested in tamagotchi! i think what sparked it was a mixture of revisiting corner shop 2 along with actually watching anime tv de hakken and tamagotchi video adventures! something about those 2 animated adaptations just really hooked me on the characters and setting of vintage tamagotchi!! since then i've learned a ton and have become a big fan of that specific tamagotchi setting, which is why the website has a heavy focus on that era, i just love it a lot! other things i really like are sonic the hedgehog, silhouette mirage, dynamite headdy, ribbit king and kero kero king and fin fin on teo the magic planet!

i just have a lot of love for tamagotchi which is why i made this website! i dont remember how i found out about neocities, maybe i saw a post about it or someone told me? i really dont have much experience with coding, i just was really enamored with the idea of making my own tamagotchi website where i could share and talk about all of the obscure fun facts i've learned along the way! the idea of making my own website just sounded fun! i wanted to document more obscure information that wasn't directly related to the pets and more of stuff outside of them! also being able to share my own opinions is fun also! i really hope you've enjoyed what information or anything you've seen on this website so far!

LIKES:tamagotchi, art, hamtaro, sonic, cartoons, space family carlvinson, ribbit king, arcade games, finfin, clay sculpting, PS1 games, shaved ice, RPG maker, toys, treasure video games

FAVORITE TAMAGOTCHI:i love most of the characters a lot but! zuccitchi is one of my favorites :)



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Song: Wagyan Paradise- Cape

a gif of a small crt TV with angel wings and two small blue paws on the bottom, along with 2 yellow antennas. their screen switches between clouds, a dog barking, and a little happy face with static in between the screen switching

...hm? whats this tv doing here?