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welcome to the blog section! here you can read blogs i make every now and then about anything! they could be about tamagotchi news or just something i wanna talk about! newest ones are at the top, oldest at the bottom!

Date Entry
3/21/23 yahoo!! yipee!! i havent done a big update in a while...!! i do have some plans in mind for things i wanna do but just haven't gotten around to them very much aside from thinking about them...! ive moslty just been busy with other things im making for fun and general happenings! there is something i wanted to bring up with this blog post is that! recently tamagotchi started up a new offical youtube page! its been doing daily shorts uploads which are also cross uploaded to a couple of other platforms but the contents of the shorts are!!! really fascinating actually!!! its been uploading tamagotchi fun facts but most of the ones they've shared so far are explicity from the research report book?? i think this is the first time that books been acknowledged like!! since it was made...! its shared a couple of lore tidbits and a lot of the pictures are also straight from the research report book sometimes with a couple of edits! this is so fascinating to me that theyre actually resharing a lot of this old information that hasn't been talked about in a long time i think its neat!! its made me wanna work on the lore pages sometime soon if thats becoming more available...! also website related thing ive been thinking about changing the navigation buttons entirely.. i do like the way they look but its! a bit hard to update them like for the planned stories section i wanna make! i have some ideas in mind that i might try to make eventually..! i think thats all i have to say for the moment! bye! :D
2/26/23 happy feburary! famous month of the number 2... for site related talkings about ive been working on my personal little area of the site a bit! finished a shrine there that im really happy about! ive been thinking about changing the top button layout.. i havent been really actively updating the music section and wanna put it in the misc section and put up a fun stories section there instead! i made a button already for the stories idea but i forgot how i made the inital buttons when i made it so i gotta remake it to be more inline with the other 4..! i also created a page for an idea of making writings about tamagotchi and things related to it! nothing really there yet but excited to write some really long things there since this blog has become more focused on updates and general websitery..! i just had a really big dinner before writing this and it was very good :) i should start writing stuff for the documentation other page... i never really specified what that page was gonna be vghbj its mainly gonna try to be a page about! various merchandise and other fun tamagotchi things! i think thats all i have to say right now for this post! thanks for reading!
1/22/23 the newest year... newest one yet... 2023!! year of cool... its the first blog post of the year! i havent been doing a ton lately website wise and other things too but ive done a little! ive started working on the shrines in the bonus area and one is pretty far along! i need to make more of a page for the shrines still but yea! i might get to working on the gameboy article more since i do wanna write more about that game! i havent added anything new to art in a while mainly since i havent drawn a ton of tamagotchi art lately but i did slightly change part of it to include stories! there also isn't anything up there yet...! i was also thinking of making like a seperate writing segment in the misc? different from the blog posts is just writing about various tamagotchi stuff since i like to write about it! thats all for this month! hopefully a good nice year this year..!
12/17/22 hi!! its the end of the year coming up soon...! i've had a good year a lot occured for me! i don't have a ton to say for this blog post, but wanted to write something here! i haven't been doing a ton of website updates, but a while ago i started working on the tamagotchi gameboy page! its gonna be covering the trilogy in one page so it's gonna take a while to write, i think im gonna make it acessable once ive! finished writing about the first game though! ive been having a lot of fun putting artwork up onto the site, i hope everyones been enjoying it too! ive also been thinking about updating the section image headers, i already made a! custom one for documentation but i wanna make some for the! lore and music tabs! but yea i think thats! mostly all i have to say! i hope this year was good for you and the next one even better! bye!
11/23/22 HAPPY 26TH ANNIVERSARY TAMAGOTCHI!!! this post is pretty late into the month but i wanted to wait until the 26th anniversary came..! i havent been updating the website super actively, its a bit hard to! get started making updates to the site because its hard to know where to start hbjnkml but yeah! like i mentioned its the 26th anniversary of tamagotchi today! a lot of tamagotchi things are coming out around today, a lot of it is! a carry over the 25th anniversary and are labelled like that which is neat! i guess because its a more rounded number and usually a big type of anniversary..! for website related updates im thinking about maybe putting comics or stories up in the art and downloads sections? i thought that would be a lot of fun! also sorry about the! halloween thing i planned not really coming to fruition.. i do wanna finish it but! im not sure when itll be up even if it would be! december or around that time...! anyway, i think thats all i really have to say with this blog post! happy birthday tamagotchi (and mametchi too)!!
10/17/22 hi!!!! its the month of halloween, pumpkins, and anything else like that..! its a pretty nice october for me so far, i've had a lot of fun and just nice times recently! for the website, i don't have much to cover in this update i think? ive been working on making a fun little personal side section of the website just for my own things and other interests! the art and downloads section is still kinda empty, i might try to put some art up there soon! just have not been sure what pieces to put... not sure if i should just put fully complete artwork or also just fun little doodles and things like that? i guess i will figure that out sometime soon...! also for the halloween season i do have a special sorta event planned for the site :D!! i dont wanna spoil it before it happens but i hope you enjoy it when the time comes around! i can tell you to keep a look out for a pumpkin on the main page..! i think thats all i really have to say, hope u enjoyed this entry!
9/12/22 hello hello!! i think i might try to write a blog post at least once a month, and wanted to give a bit of an update for the site! a while ago i finished writing the page for honto no hanashi, so the animation documentation page is done! also ive been thinking of maybe adding more fun non official tamagotchi aspects to the site...! when i first started the website i planned for it to just be a place of documentation, but i decided i wanted to add more fun things like just art to the site! maybe even comics and more...! i might combine the downloads section into a mix of just art and downloads i think that'd work good! also i wish that there was a tamagotchi web ring... i'd love to join it! looking at other tamagotchi fan sites whenever i see any others is so fun...! i might also add some non tamagotchi things in a seperate little area, like shrines for some other things i like! thats all i really have to say for this entry, i didnt have the most to say for this so its a little short but i hope you enjoyed!
8/16/22 hi everyone!! its been a bit since i wrote a blog post (2 months...!) and thought i should write another one! i havent been working on the website a ton recently but ive been getting back into it a bit! i made the links page a couple of days ago which was fun!! i wanted to have a way to thank some websites that linked back to tamagotchi land before and also just share some websites i enjoy! tamagotchi wise not too much big has happened? this website isnt really dedicated to news of the series but there is something that is coming out in a while i wanna mention that im excited about! the tamagotchi smart anniversary party friends special set is coming out in november of this year, i dont have a smart but!! the exciting thing is the special character book that comes with it!! according to the japanese website, it contains around 800 characters!!!!! im excited for this because some preview pages also were on the website and it contains vintage artwork along with descriptions!! interestingly enough it seems that some of the art is from later in the vintage era? there is a difference between the 1996/1997 and the 1998/1999 artwork as the later artwork is more rounded but is still very cute! i really hope it includes some of the game exclusive characters... it'd be great to have clear artwork of them along with descriptions! the large number makes me think it could be possible! thats the only thing i really have to share with this entry! website wise like i said ive been getting back into working on it again! i wanna add more to documentation, those pages need a lot of information still! theres a lot to cover in tamagotchi and i do wanna do the best i can! lore is a bit daunting mostly the character section because! i put that there but... i dont remember exactly what i was planning for it? i had the idea recently for making a full character index but that would be a LOT of work... but if i left out less vital characters i wouldnt be satisfied i think! i'm not really sure exactly what im gonna do with it, but i guess i'll find out! anyway, thats the end of this entry! bye!
6/12/22 i had an idea to write a blog post about this since the day after i wrote the first one but! i didnt want to post a lot of blog posts too frequently but it is my website! i can just do that! i guess i am still getting used to that...! a thing i think about a lot whenever i draw tamagotchis or just draw anything i always reflect and think about the ideas behind the vintage tamagotchi art style, it's a really interesting part of the history of the series! i've seen people joking and commenting about the art style of 1996-1999 looking like it was drawn in MS paint with a mouse and... from what ive read it basically was!! and on purpose!!!! the vintage tamagotchi art style was directly inspired by heta-uma from what i've read and i think thats super interesting! because of this a lot of the vintage art has this rough and almost doodle like style and its super nice and its inspired me a ton! another interesting aspect is that most of the art and characters were designed by one person for most of the vintage era to my knowledge, Kenji Watanabe! they aren't involved in tamagotchi at all much anymore to my knowledge and hasn't been involved for many years, but is still involved in digimon! Kenji has talked about tamagotchi on his twitter before, one of the most interesting things to me personally is that when creating the art, Kenji was told to make the art look worse and DID end up drawing it with a mouse!!! its so interesting how that effect was totally on purpose and i love it a lot its so interesting!!! talking about the vintage art though, the art style didnt last that long... it did only last for around 3 years which is very small when compared to the other tamagotchi eras... the early connection era had a different art style but in a way it tried to carry on the spirit of the vintage art! that era had a similar theme of the rough art style and almost doodle like look to it but stil very different! And even though that art style is still used today i feel like its kind of lost a little bit of that... one style ive forgotten to mention somehow is the vintage american art style!! that art style has a crayon drawing like feeling to it which is very unique and fun and fits with tamagotchi really well!! i wont talk about the anime art style very long because this is already pretty long but! that art style i feel like completely lost a lot of the spirit and idea behind the vintage tamagotchi art style and its really sad!
6/3/22 HELLO!! and welcome to the first blog post on tamagotchi land!! excited to just have a blog to write about anything about tamagotchi or just anything... exciting! i feel like the website as a whole is becoming a lot more complete which is nice!! the most sections are set up, documentation and lore still need a LOT of information added but misc is all set up which is exciting! download still needs downloads but i need to make stuff for download...! i might add a links section to the misc area..! im really happy people have been linking back to tamagotchi land, it means a lot!! i was also thinking of adding maybe an art section since it would be nice to put my art on neocities but i am still deciding (downloads might become that a little bit when i start making wallpapers!) i'm not sure what i should focus on next, next site goal might be completeing pages for documentation then i will! move onto lore probably! the animation section is almost done, honto no hanashis page is created but! nothing there right now except for the information table..! thats all i really have to write right now, until next entry!